Faux Vintage, Say what!


How you can  achieve a Vintagesque appeal with modern day pieces: A staple piece is a focal item that inspires the direction the rest of your outfit will go. In which lead me to this crush velvet chevron printed tassel jacket. This jacket is a conversation piece that some how always leads me to finding out about the best details on thrifting spots.

Learn how  I achieved a vintage look with modern pieces. Start any outfit with a staple piece. A staple piece is an item that inspires the rest of your outfit. In my case I chose a crush velvet chevron print tassel cover up. It has a unique look and became an interesting conversation piece. Each time I wear this cover up, I get new leads of the best thrifting boutiques.


I accented the chevron cover up with an oak bluff wide leg Jumper from Forever 21. The jumper immediately made me fall in love. If you can not find the perfect jumper consider a high waist pants, high waist Jeans, or even a pattern pencil skirt. A nice solid colored tee is always a great accent item to go underneath, If you don’t choose to reveal too much skin.


I accented the jumper with a white cotton tee underneath and my favorite clutch made by Style & co. This look was really fun to achieve. The entire outfit was less than $100.


However to make the look more convincing you can also add an actual  vintage item. My choice was a classic Gucci Cross body Purse, I’ve had this purse since I was a child in grade school. Somethings just never get old. As we all know http://www.etsy.com has tons of vintage bags as well. 

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