When Queens Link up


One of my girlfriends (left) celebrated her Birthday this past weekend. The theme turned out to be extremely  unique and so much fun. The party theme was head wraps with an African flare. My friend was so selfless by sharing her day in support of her dear friends small online business for clothing and accessories (www.bykeekswithlove.com). Girl power can go a long way. As people arrived some with heads already adorned and others without a wrap. The people without wraps headed to the back to purchase their very own. No one was left uncrowned. We all came out dressed and looking fabulous. Each person had their own style twist. I mean everyone looked absolutely amazing. I haven’t had this much free spirited fun in a very long time. I am truly so appreciative of the invite because I needed it. We were all in such good company. It’s something that is so magnificent about women that have never met, uniting to have an amazing time together. The food was amazing and the libations were flowing. To change gears, we played an impromptu ice breaker with a twist. The introduction included us all going around in a circle saying first our born name, Our given African name, & our best African dance. Those that knew no names nor dance became extremely creative. It was a true hit. Oh’ and it was all done to the beat of  African music. I really didn’t want to leave these women that I knew nothing about except we all knew how to party. We screamed old hip hop songs to the top of our lungs and danced the night away until wee hours in the morning. We truly exemplified what it’s like when queens link up!



CupCake by @tjeanty on Instagram




Head scarf by Zara


Head wraps are so much fun and versatile. Summertime is a preferable go to season for this style but they can truly be utilized any season. Wraps are a great protective style and awesome to use if you want to deep condition all day.

(Kilahamazing on YouTube)

Essential items: Extra large scarf, large earrings, and a pair of sunnies (shade).



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