Choose To Reinvent Yourself….

Transform You Fitness

Tampa, FL

Transform you fitness taught me: There is no easy way, you must take the stairs. I have done pills, shakes, and gym memberships to loose weight. However, I have always loved me enough to be happy in any size but I love me even more to know my health is more important. I had a terrifying scare mid 2015. I was brought to my knees in pain from a ruptured 7cm Ovarian cyst at work. It was later discovered there were possibly more cysts and chances of them being malignant or benign. This turmoil had me on edge the first turn of 2016 as I went for a number of ultrasounds. I was blessed with results some don’t get the opportunity to experience, I walked away cancer free. This encounter started my wheels to churning that life has to change as I know it. I had a decision to make by getting the proper doctor to trust with my life and getting this weight of me. In the end I walked away with final diagnosis of 4 Uterine fibroids that I for now can live through surgery free. I learned that fibroids have a life of their own and they often feed off cravings, obesity, and other things.  I researched and inquired about it all. However, I took ownership to meet with Rod Ffrr to help me make some life changes on the outside as wel as the inner person. He is Tampa’s number 1 body transform specialist to women. I awoke every morning before dawn to arrive at Transform You fitness at 630am. I prepared my mind and I was up for the challenge. There were mornings that were more challenging than others to get up and go to the gym. I would arrive sometimes at 630pm instead. The moral of the story is I arrived and never gave up. I used no excuses other than being late sometimes but I came to work. When I want to do anything In the words of Jameliah Young, “I become confident in my silence.” I usually talk to no one before making big decisions except God. This prevents me from being indecisive and allows me to accomplish the things I want. Rod Ffrr is worth every penny.  I overly love my results I accomplished in 10 weeks. I teetered at 209lbs. Yet I never let that discourage me from trying.  I worked my butt off. Another reason I sought him out is I wanted to feel good in paradise for my trip to Ibiza, Spain. When I returned from Spain I finally weighed myself at 182 lbs. I Lost a wonderful 27lbs. I was so ecstatic because I never cared how much I weighed but more of how comfortable I felt in my clothes. I learned through my journey my success is up to me and how bad I wanted it. The perks of having 3 wonderful trainers at one time is having someone to catch you when you feel like giving up on that last squat or weight lift and encourage you to keep going. I have so much more to do but I am loving the person I am transforming into.



Off the beach of Ibiza, Spain while visiting Cotton Beach Club




Instagram: @TranformYouFitness facebook: Rod Ffrr or Vivica Saddler

This post is dedicated to the GRGT team and my big sister Erica who encourages me to do it the hard way because it’s more rewarding. Sammecia who helped educate me on my health struggles. Lastly to a friend that helped me discover the reasons healthy eating is important and its rewards.

13 thoughts on “Choose To Reinvent Yourself….

  1. NicciFaye says:

    I sincerely admired your adventures to Spain. I love the boldness, beauty and blackness of your Queen’essence. I also love your journey about health, which is my present demon. I am due to have surgery the 1 Sept for the exact same problem Uterine Fibroids. I have to an abdominal hysterectomy, which I am NOT looking forward to but needs to be done. I plan on using the 4-6 weeks that I have to be out as healing and medication and serious changes for my health. Truly inspiring article. Keep blogging.


  2. Priscilla Hall says:

    You look great and I too realize the only way to do it is the hard way!! The diet and cardio play a big part and yes I too take stairs every day on my commute to and from home. I could just stand, but I know the benefit is in the up hill climb! Love your blog layout! Keep up the good work!


  3. Serina says:

    It’s always great to see people making dreams reality and changing circumstances !!
    I look forward to future posts .
    You look amazing!!! 😊😊


  4. Markitia says:

    Thank you for sharing your magnificent life journey with us. God is truly amazing and please know that you are a inspiration to many. God bless you


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