South Side With You….

A movie date with my flower child and I.


My reviews on South Side With You. It’s a short film based on Obama & Michelle Barack’s first date. There were a few tokens to take away. 1. How to strategize when community organizing: The movie gives tips on how to stay consistent and diligent about getting things done in communities peacefully. When the answer no is given turn no around and carry on. 2. You should never judge a book by its cover. Obama drove a car with a hole through the floor. How many would’ve went on a second date after seeing it? Pay attention at where he’s going not what he’s driving to get there 3. The hardest of people to love usually is one with the most love to give. It just takes a more loving person to channel the love in the right direction. 4. Maybe some people can’t relate to where you have been because they have never had to. Sometimes it takes a personality bigger than yours to bring you back down to earth.

Its a classic love story. It is a movie definitely worth watching. I love their love story because I still believe in true love and feel true love is worth fighting for.



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