Married to the Money

Am I really a work-a-holic? Or am I the only one that finds peace in being busy at work? Does my kids feel neglected or hate me because I’m never home?imageSomeone once asked how do you find balance in work and life. I replied, “When life becomes too much outside of work, I use work as my escape from life itself.  When I exit my work doors once my shift is done, I leave my work at work.”imageYour family needs you at home just as much as the company you work for needs you. So, what do you do. You owe it to yourself to find a median. If one is constantly thinking of work at home, when you arrive home, can you truly focus on your love ones 100% if of your attention is on work. So you have a choice to make, Monday through Friday do you neglect or respect those that matter the most to you. When working in a demanding field, you have to be like a light switch and learn to turn your focus on and off. Im finding that People that work from home have it even harder, they have to apply the discipline of a nun to separate the two. My suggestion is when your shift ends, make it a commitment to yourself and family to turn work off immediately at the end of your regularly scheduled work day. You should go out and live a little.


When working from home, you should make it a priority to escape the house when you are done with work for the day or whenever you can on the weekends. If you have to go run an errand, run it. Even more simply, take a walk around the block to get fresh air. You owe it to yourself to get out and see the world daily.


I am finding myself spending more time in the office working more than ever, since my daughter is away at school. It feels like I am truly married to my career. I have to make a commitment to work on specific tasks now while at work, I have to leave immediately when I’m done, or else I will be caught up in the matrix. Lol!


My solution to all the work madness is to become an entrepreneur. It’s nothing like creating your own hours of work. It’s nothing better than pursuing and working hard for your own dreams. To be able to leave a legacy to your kids, kids has to be the most meaningful and rewarding feeling ever.


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We should encourage entrepreneurship to our kids. In families today, cutting the practices of teaching our kids to work until you retire should end. In return we should promote our youth working until they acquire enough to build their own dreams, then separate from the corporate life.

“Don’t be like me, be better than me.”


“The Corporate World” often has no loyalty to its employees. Therefore, you must be loyal to your family and first be true to yourself. Especially, when it comes down to where you are putting in your time. There is no career that’s recession, termination, or severance package proof, unless you are your own boss. We should never work to retire. We should direct our goal at  working to leave a legacy not a 401k.


I know you’re probably thinking, well if everyone is starting their own companies who will help run mine? My answer to that is entrepreneurship is not for everyone and that’s ok. Plus, the most renown and successful businesses are more than just a one man’s show.


To be an entreprenuer it’s really all about knowing what you want. Being an Entreprenuer is about sticking to your vision, never quitting on that vision, and committing to see it materialize. Owning your own is about the freedom of living on your own terms. If you have a dream or vision, pursue it. We have that right to be what ever it is we choose to be these days. I’m learning more and more that you are never too old to discover a new you.

Being your own boss is about taking risk in the right direction. Really what is the worse that could happen, you fail? Well at least you will know what not to do next time around. In the end it all consists of having faith only the size of a mustard seed and no matter where you end up remember to take God with you.


Proverbs 16:9 Man makes his own plans;  the Lord directs his steps.

Think Tank:

How do you balance work and life away from work? What are your views on entrprenuership and educating your kids on it as well? If you could be anything in the world what would you choose? Why aren’t you working on that vision right now?

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