Cake Jars Couture by Inetta Stephens


| B🍰ker On the Move: Red Velvet cake jar by Cake Jars Couture | Cake Jars Couture are cute souvenir multi sized mason jars stuffed with moist pieces of red Velvet cake and cream cheese icing. The last time I brought one, I had my own spoon in tote with me at pick up. Yes, it is that serious and its that good. Inetta can be found wearing many different hats a day, my fave is baker! Inetta is a female moving in the right direction, upward. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I just left her FB page and saw banana pudding jars created the proper way. Now that’s key and not banana flavored pudding. Lol! From one banana pudding maker to another I see you. This could be epic and the next addiction on the horizon, so We shall see. uh oh Tampa Foodie’s, we have a problem! . Follow @iam_inetta on Instagram to get your hands on one it’s like waiting for the Krispy Kreme Hot light to be on its urgent. Follow her and see for yourself

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