When the 90’s call, you better pick up…

As we all take a nice big reach to turn back the hands of time, will one of you help pull forward the 90’s for a minute please. I am so here for this moment. It’s been on a slight incline for the past year now but finally it’s here, choker accessories are officially in. For some, chokers never left. Well as of today, they are most definitely the new fashion craze this fall. I just had to join in on all the fun and partake in the most epic years of my life, the 90’s.  Yes, I sat back and watched them slowly trend their way back into our hearts. I know should’ve been more up front with you all about this fashion forecast.


What I love about chokers is they can be worn with just about anything. There is a style for almost every occasion, just ask my favorite accessory store forever 21.


“In gold looking like Tupac in that tub.” ~Shawn Corey Carter


http://www.aldo.com for only $16


I matched my statement necklace with an extremely comfy loose fitting wide-legged red ribbed jumper from Zara. I offset my statement necklace with an oversized gold arm cuff (not seen in photos) and a pair of black and gold pyramid earrings. How would you wear it?


A little bit of advice to remember, simplicity is always enough.


I broke the fashionista Code 101. I (Raises my right hand) most solemnly swear to properly inform you of any and all fashion trends. Please forgive me.

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