I know where my queendom lies…


| Queen of Katwe | The passion to persevere and the strength to hold on is to be honored in this movie. As a mother I get it. We just want better for our kids than we have done for ourselves | teaching and imparting into them more than materialistic value but wealth money can’t buy. A mother gives tokens to them no one can never robbed them of. My daughter didn’t know she was a fighter until I spoke to the queen and beast in her. I credit God for making me a discerning mother (I attribute that to being a young mother). There is a blessing to being a young mom you are more in tuned with the monsters and vices of the world. I am a mama bear that speaks life into my cub daily no matter the stake. I am so humbled and thankful she calls me 7 out of 10 when she has a problem. The other 3 Is because she’s working on tryIng to figure it out on her own.

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