Not that kind of Girl…


My favorite Fall Pantone Hue is Lush Meadow Green. I had no idea it would be chosen this season. This past┬ásummer on my trip to Spain, I ran across a pair of ankle boots I could not resist. The boots were a green lush meadow hue. I couldn’t wait to wear them so I took them on the road with me to New York from Florida where the seasons do change.


I paired the boots with a graphic Brim from Zara. I simply crave and love unique pieces. If it’s unique in quanitity or style most times I have to have it!


Lush meadow hue bodysuit: denim jacket, Ox blood bucket bag, and black leather skirt were all courtesy of Zara as well.


Token: I am no better than the next woman but I am different. I love being a woman from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. However, in a world while so many people are trying to be alike, I find contentment in just trying to  master being me.



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