Chat and Chew: NYCWFF Midnight Jazz Brunch Hosted by Patti Labelle and Carla Hall


My friends and I experienced the New York wine and food festival October 15, 2016 in Harlem New York.  We heard the New York Wine and Food Festival would be coming soon. So my friends and I decided to partake in a bit of a turn up. There were a number of events to choose from surrounded around the NYCWFF but we quickly decided once we realized legendary Ms, Patti LaBelle and Carla Hall from The Chee would be hosting. We knew once we saw legendary Patti Labelle was on the list and Carla Hall from ABC’s The Chew we would be attending. The Midnight Jazz Brunch was held from 1130p-130am. The night was young and Patti and Carla, these two amazing women, they brought the city out to Cecil’s in Harlem. Yes, there was a line down the street but it did tend move swiftly once 11:30pm hit. We entered and the festivities were promptly on its way. It was extremely crowded and tough for us to make our way through the crowd. However, that’s New York on a regular day, right? Lol! There were an array of restaurants on display. I’m not sure which restaurant created the shrimp and grits ( it was really crowded and dimlit ) but the dish was so delicious. The miniature Cuban sandwiches made by Cecil ‘s JJ Johnson reminded me of back home in Florida. They were pressed and fulfilling to be in such a small portion. The devil eggs on wheat toast also created by Cecil’s JJ Johnson pictured in the scene from the kitchen was another favorite. The live Jazz Band did an amazing job and the DJ in the main room kept the crowd vibing. I had an awesome experience and We made quite a few of memories and networking contacts.


Cecil’s very own Chef JJ Johnson Bodega Breakfast sandwich devil egg on a wheat toast as seen was being prepared right in front of us.


Carla Hall and I having girl talk just before our photo opt. I truly enjoyed her contagious personality.



Carla Hall from ABC’s The Chew and  my friend Chef Kareem McGee. Kareem is famous for his soul rolls filled with collard greens, Mac n Cheese, and etc.  He was also featured on Franken Food: The Big Apple Edition on Spike TV. If you are in need of catering locally check him out at You will not regret it.


Premium Liquor Dusse was the event sponsor of the night. Ayanna the Dusse representative did well representing them. She looked fabulous too. The event was open bar. I  took a taste of lemonade with Dusse and The storm pictured above. Each drink was smooth and classy.


Pictured above rubbing shoulders with none other than legendary Patti LaBelle herself. Yes, stop the world! World Stopped! Ok Carry on!


Biker Olive Leather Jacket and graphic art brim: shop
White over sized button down blouse and black leggings:
Fringe black suede boots: by Sam Edelman FW15
leopard clutch:
black and gold chain earrings:


Harlem Nights.


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