Vote or Die: United we stand or Divided we shall fall!


To vote is to exercise your right. There was a time when minorities could not freely walk into an office of elections hand their ID over to cast their ballot without getting beat or killed. If you are on the edge about to cast or not to cast your vote, do it for those that died for that very freedom. This election 2016 is  extremely crucial for us all! Even if you feel there is no best choice there is definitely a ladder choice & I pray you chose the ladder.


Don’t complain if you choose silence your voice& not be heard when it counts most.


I would like to say the choice is yours but in this case you have no choice. You kids living and unborn lives depend on it!


Americans Lives Matter


Your vote will not be in vain.


We have come too far to turn back now!

A vibrant Mural of the wall of a tatto parlor of a blooming flower in Williamsburg Brookyn, NY

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