Commitment: when we choose our love over our fear, we find our courage and path becomes clear. ~unknown


Self love: One thing is for sure you are somebody’s sugar honey IceTea so until then enjoy this time with no compromise. You may not be perfect but I know you are worth it ~Elle Parker


The truth about love: perfect love has a gentle way of calming & taming the wildest beast. ~Elle Parker


Love is blind: when your love runs so deep you can’t explain it in words but you can feel it running wild in your heart. ~Elle Parker


Living: Resuscitate the world by spreading love, Love heals. ~Elle Parker


Business interruption: Love will find you. Love will find you when you’re busiest at experiencing life. It will cross your path or tap you on the shoulder to claim you. It’s intentional & you will know it for sure.                                                               ~Elle Parker

The painted mural shown: “For the love of this  city,” graces the 3 story walls of the Portico, the downtown campus of Hyde Park United Methodist Church.

Artists: Illsol (Sawyer & Krol)

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