I am the Captain of my soul…


Dear 2016,
This year has been a beautiful storm. I found love and lost a little. My daughter Destiny is matriculating through college as expected and she is exceeding all my expectations by far. My faith is as solid as it’s ever been.
I traveled abroad for the first time this year. Oh how I loved being abroad. It was something about seeing how others live that was so inspiring to me. In the words of Oprah, “Oh I plan to do some (more) flying.”
I found in a friend generosity. A friend that doesn’t mind being my photographer is hard to come by. It so cool that she never complains about taking my pictures. She is definitely that friend that will not stop until she gets the right angle and to me that’s the definition of a true friend. It melts my heart to see her going out her way for me. A friend that is enthusiastic about my vision as I am is to be appreciated.
I stopped playing it safe and took more risk this year by blogging more. Blogging more has allowed me to sight see more around the city of Tampa, Fl. I have a new found love for hyde park and Seminole heights. I realized how much the perfect cupcake makes my day. A new restaurant is like a new gift to me. I love what I do. My love for the arts has revived and in full swing, thanks Tampa.
I am finally booked to see the play wicked in 2017 and thanks to a dear friend I will be front and center for Lauryn Hill in Orlando on December 8.
I lost over 30 pounds through personal fitness this year. I have also learned the craft of how to eat healthy and I learned how to cook healthy too.
I am one step away from being a real estate sales(wo)man. Yes, I sat for the course and I passed. If you know anyone in the market for a new home tell them to wait I’ll be available soon. Since septempber I have been working from home and It’s a bit different. However, I am embracing each wave as they come. Some waves I face head on and others I have learned to just adjust my sail.
I made every attempt to make peace with my past and I think I have accomplished that personal goal. I have learned through out this year, I am the Captain of my soul. It is me that controls who I allow in and around me. It is my vision that sustains me. It is God alone who guides me. I am so happy to be on this voyage. I have learned I can not look to my left or right for acceptance. I can only look up high. If I shall feel the need to look back may it be only to see how far I have come.
Love, Elle Parker







Photography by Kedric Lajuan mua:@candacthemua on Instagram. Hair: Gerita at transformation hair gallery or @Runwayluxe_

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