| A pit stop | Hello beautiful, Through  out life things may become overwhelming from time to time. What if all we need is just a pit stop along the way to redirect, recharge, or refuel to continue on? There is no need to escape trials or challenges, maybe we just need to refuel our drive. One thing is guaranteed life goes on, so we must keep going, right? There is no need to turn back now or settle at an unhappy destination. We have to aall take time to refuel  and get back out there. We must stretch ourselves to the limit but never allow someone else to drive or exhaust our tank. We hold the keys, so we must stay in the drivers seat. Life has so much more in store and each one of our journeys is to be experienced not just traveled through. Everythjng we have felt, experienced, and overcome will prepare us for our destination. Our life is a journey and we must choose to live it now.


Childs Play


At a place where my reality and dreams collide.


Ellefreinds meet my daughter Destiny.


A moment of clarity.


I got my thoroughest girl with me.


Newberry Springs California…. There was nothing to see here.We were only passing through.

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