Crustaceans | Beverly Hills

I am officially a certified foodie. I traveled l 2,152.06 miles to experience the world reknown Crustaceans Beverly Hills. So I was laying across the bed watching the food network when Chef Helene An’s episode aired. I sat up in the bed at attention yelling, “That’s the place, that’s the place I want to go to. I yelled again I want to go there for my birthday. I saw it first on I believe Eva Marcille’s Instagram years ago. It looked so yummy.I said to myself I have to experience it.

So we found extremely cheap tickets and flew into Las Vegas. We rented a car and drove the rest of the way. It was a Christmas gift to my daughter and a birthday gift to me. My daughter got to see one of her favorite cousins that lives in LA and spend sometime with her and I got to fulfill my dreams. It real I chase food. Lol!

The older I get, the more intentional I have become about making things fall from my “Live out loud to-do list.” If I die today or tomorrow I want to say, “I lived and not just existed to pay bills.” Some may not be as much as a dare devil as me but I am. I guess that’s just apart the Sagittarius in me.

My family nor myself were disappointed. The seafood Asian themed menu was to fly for. The waiter Ak was phenomenal and extremely knowledgeable of the menu. She was amazing at making things happen. The ambiance was dim lit and the staff were very engaging and helpful over all. This experience was everything I imagined.

The koi fish tank underneath the floor was amazing. It took me a minute to notice I was walking on top of fish. So, I had to take a snap chat video to show my friends.

Chef Helene An and her 5 daughters help build this brand and they have done an awesome job at it thus far. The most famous  recipes are top secret and prepared inside the secret kitchen within the main kitchen. Only the family can gain access to the secret kitchen and chef’s that have been employees with Crustaceans for 10 years or more. Only a woman could think up that smartness! I am so in love with this Girl power Helene has inspired! You go Helene  An but do you think we can get a Crustaceans on the east coast?


An’s famous Roasted Crab seasoned with garlic sauce and secret spices.


An’s famous Garlic Noodles


Asian Fruitti Di Mare


Rack of. lamb

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