Vidi Veni Vici…


I took my birthday on the road this year to the happiest place in the land, Disneyland.


A match made in heaven.


Mini Mouse Smize


I have been saying how much I wanted to go see Mickey Mouse and I finally made it! I never dreamed Anaheim, CA Mickey.


He gets me.


Every year I find myself torn because I’m born so close to Christmas. I find it hard asking people to over extend themselves for any recreational activities during this holiday season. So, trying to pull people together to celebrate with me was becoming a burden. To celebrate life should be a joyous occasion but money is usually an issue and presents are few. So, I came up with a bright idea and decided to throw all expectations of others out the window to celebrate me how I choose. This is something, I plan to do from now on each year. It makes it simple and less troublesome for others. Disney world has been on my radar for a long time. When I built the courage to travel to the west Coast, I could not exclude the happiest place on earth, Disneyland.

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