Happy New Year Ellefriends


New Year, Who dis? Lol! I know you’re wondering how did I bring in my New Year. Well I had a couple of options thrown at me on how I could spend my New Year’s Eve. There was a house party with friends, Channelside with friends, Jazz house, Jackson’s. 10/40 promotions party at the Lion’s Den, or church.  Well Ellefriends, I chose church! The catch was no matter where I spent it I was dressing up.  I don’t know I just love to dress up on New Year’s Eve night. I went with a black velvet wrap mid dress with gold accessories all from http://www.hm.com. My shoes are a pair of black Patton  leather bcbg pumps that I adore.


Church was perfect tonight. I was given the license to let go and our church motto for year 2017 is to make precise movement. Now that I have done some soul searching all of 2016. I have educated myself about who I am as of today. Anything after I am defines me. So I plan to be intentional about what I speak over and into my life.


Are you all ready for our new journey? I am.

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