Just a Friendly Valentine’s Day in the City…


We started off February with nothing but love. Yes it’s us again, some of my favorite ElleFriends. We ended our Thursday night at Del Friscos Grille for our very 1st Annual Friendly Valentine gift exchange & I loved every bit of it. The food was amazing. Our waitress ( Pepper) was phenomenal. Even the manager stopped by to say hi. We chatted and chewed, we exchanged gifts, & we each shared some friendly advice on love. The advice was a suggestion of mine. I feel no one person will ever know everything there is to know about love because each day in love is an addition to the journey. We went around the table in the order of married, soon to be married, and then the single women of the group all did our share. So I’ll share some little nuggets I held near and dear below.
1. Make sure you establish a friendship first with your partner. To be friends first is extremely important. 2: Live outloud together, so much people adore your presence.
3. True love comes with trust & honesty
4. We should never be afraid to relinquish some of our duties as single women to our partners. Doing everything in the relationship only enables and stunts the other partner’s growth.
5. When in a marital relationship and times get tough make sure you have a God fearing support system of happily married friends as an outlet to seek counsel from.
6. No when get up from the table when love is no longer being served.
7. It’s ok to have alone time in a relationship. Make it a priority to have alone time at some point. You have to allow your partner the same alone time and space.


The rules to a successful “Friendly Valentine’s Day.” 1. We placed our names in a bowl and took individual turns pulling from it.
2. There does not have to be a secret to who you get. As soon as the names are pulled, share.
3. Agree on a dining location.
4. Agree on a Set date. Set it either befor or after the actual holiday to avoid the Vday Rush.
5. Set a gift dollar amount limit.
It is mandatory to spread love and agree to have fun!
So grab your girlfriends and gather with a purpose. You have the rest of February left. This year I was Richelle’s Friendly Valentine. My gift is pictured above and she knows the way to my [He(art)]! Lol!
My Valentine was Maryse. My goal was to be thoughtful. Maryse mentioned at our vision board party she wanted to start running. So, I equipped Maryse with some runners gear. I think she understand how hard I’m rooting for her now. Lol!



The White Sangria with a dragon passion fruit Popsicle has been added to my top five mixed drink list. (Blog post coming soon))lol! 


The Steakhouse salad (medium well) included two devil eggs and horse reddish dressing. The only thing I regret is not getting my steak medium rare. It was so tasty, I’m still craving it.


The famous Truffle Mac n cheese was absolutely delicious.


The crab cake that was loaded with crab and sitting in a pool of lobster sauce. It’s was a little small in size but it was extremely fulfilling.


Our waitress pepper was so attentive and excited about our occasion she could not go without showing her love. She gifted our table two delicious desserts. Shown above is a coconut inspired dessert and the not shown lemon cake. I am now a big fan of their lemon cake, the most moist and delectable treat. This thoughtful gesture placed a cherry on top of our entire night for me. So thank you Del Friscos Grille for showing us so much love.❤️ 









2 thoughts on “Just a Friendly Valentine’s Day in the City…

  1. Ayisha Bennett says:

    Love the little nuggets you shared with us and now I have to try a meal at Del Friscos. It’s so good to have others to share your love with!


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