Lipstick & Laughs With NickiMac


Wow is how I can best describe our make up class with NickiMacMakeup (instagram page) this past Saturday. I truly enjoyed all of the free game offered up by our instructor, who by the way is extremely knowledgeable about her craft. I have taken several classes and I must say Nicki’s educational tips on skin and make up were phenomenal. I have worn make up for years and tonight I realized there’s also so much more I didn’t know. We laughed hysterically. We all shared our own best practices in order to be professionally trained on the proper way to perform the techniques in the future. This class was priceless. Our March meet up was for the books. FInally, ladies we completed our first make up class together. In the above photo are the beginning table set up before our personal make up kits & belongings took over. This night was so inspiring. The mirrors shown were the best. So I had to bring one home with me for a small fee.


Richelle’s hospitality was amazing and her home was adorable as usual.


Nicki is giving Martine tips on blending her foundation to get the perfect match. It’s all in the ratios. (Video below) Richelle is getting tips on applying concealer and blending it well to leave no visible lines.


& The beat goes on


Here in this photo Nicki is providing tips on applying blushes to our cheek area. Her secret to a natural Rosie cheek is amazing.


I have taken several classes and been educated by many. However Nicki’s class closed a number of gaps for me. She really knows her stuff. 


Look at me looking like a professional mua over here! Lol!


I was tremendously satisfied with my results. I truly feel like I am now equipped to glam my own face without any aide.


Pictures with no filter don’t lie. I accomplished this face on my own. If you want to learn how to beat on your own grab at least 5 of your friends that will make you laugh, grab a bottle of wine, & hurry over to Instagram to find Nicki on her page @Nickimackmakeup or Facebook as Nicki Mac! Don’t forget to thank me later. 💋

Party hosted by: @2chicbrowngirls on Instagram


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