Thai Prime is everything.


Thai Prime Kitchen & Bar is how I spent my weekend. I went to ThAi Prime Thursday, Friday, & Sunday. I must say this restaurant was for the books. I have never in my life frequented a restaurant in this way, ever. I can not believe I’m just experiencing this gem. It’s coming up on it’s second year of business this year. The Thai Prime is nestled in Metwest International off Boyscout along with Kona Grille, Del Frisco’s Grille, & Texas De Brazil. Here is a quick history lesson, Thai Prime’s owner was a mechanic in the area that quit his 9-5 to pursued his dream of ┬ábeing an restaurantprenuer. The Tom Yum seafood bowl is similar to pho soup but better. The seasonings and broth are so yummy but indescribable! I had it two days in a row. Everything is season to perfection. Calamari, mussels, and soup.


Thai Prime’s calamari has instantly became my absolute favorite out of all calamari’s I have ever taste. You would truly have to see for yourself. The sweet chilli is definitely what gives it that favorable kick.


This egg roll is just as delicious as it looks.


Ok let me start off by saying the fries, the fries were so delicious! The fries are almost sweet to the taste. The soft shell crab we all know is eaten shell and all. It’s awesome with the sweet chilli dipping sauce. This was my day 3 meal.


The hippie flower shaped donuts with a glaze dipping sauce brought my 1st experience to perfect close.


The Pink Mango Margarita has made it to my top 10 cocktail list. There are two blends of Patron used to mix this amazing concoctions. Its a sexy and sweet cocktail. It matches the ambiance of the restaurant as well. The bird cage chandeliers at the entrance are definitely a conversation piece. Let’s just say I have worn out my welcome but I’m sure my girl Patricia will welcome me back anytime. Yes Elle Friends I am that friend that makes new friends whereever I go! Lol! My mom taught me. Let me know if you decide to choose Thai Prime let me know if you loved it as much as I do. Oh I almost forgot there’s a sister restaurant for my NewPort Richey & Trinity neighbors called Thai Samurai. Elle, until next time and you can thank me later.

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