DIY: If the shoes don’t fit.

For this task you will need 3 items:


1. You need the suspect (your shoe). They’re the real killers
2. A pair of thick socks.


3. And a good blow Dryer


You ever brought the perfect pair of heels and realize the fit is uncomfortable? Well I intentionally brought a shoe a half size to small with intentions on having them stretched by a shoe cobbler. I went to the shoe cobbler and dropped my heels off for 3 days. Only to realize 3 days lady the fit was still the same. There was no giving up on my beautiful pair of gold metallic heels. I remember long ago I purchased a pair of shoes from Aldo. They were the right size but they too were a tight fit for my feet. The fit was so tight I returned them back to the store the very next day. The employee gave me a tip for the future. In the most flamboyant voice possible.
“Girl, first….. 1. get a pair of thick socks.

2. Wet the foot of the socks with alcohol.

3. Put the socks on and slip your foot into the shoe.

4. Get a blow Dryer. hold above the shoe. as close to your feet as you can stand it. Hover the blow dryer over the areas that are the tightest fit in the shoes for about 30 mins. Make sure to use the back and forth motion.

5. Then get up and walk around in the shoes for about 10 mins or longer.

Take the shoes off. Take the socks off. Then try the shoes on without the socks. 
If the fit is still tight repeat steps 4 & 5 again!”



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