I’m proud of you…


| Proud of you, you got this! || I’m proud of you. You Got This!! | We teach our children about success but we always seem to leave out the lesson about failure. They are more than equipped to succeed but have no idea how to overcome failure when it presents itself. Make a promise to yourself & I that teaching failure will be apart of all your lessons as well. The more familiar kids become with failure the easier it is to teach them how to bounce back from it. Failure has cultivated the biggest success stories. Failure is the wisest mans best teacher. Failure feeds hunger and teaches you how to go harder for anything with your name attached. Failure is not an omen. Failure is not the end. Perspective is everything and if so then failure is another opportunity to get it right. This post was learned by my greatest teacher named Failure. People just make it look easy. They often never tell you the journey just when they have arrived. Be patient with yourself. Your time is coming! Stay Strong! Chin up butter cup trouble do not last always if you remain consistent. Love, Elle 💝The buttercream vanilla minicake, bluebell ice cream & balloon are all courtesy of Publix. Take a moment rebuild and bounce back. You do not have time to stay in the moment of failure too long. It’s normal to be disappointed. It’s normal to feel like a disappointment. It’s courageous to keep going! I have a hand book on failure. Podcast coming soon!

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