Spinned The day Celebrating Nina’s Birthday


Today, We did something extremely and completely out of the box for a birthday celebration. We literally spinned the night partying, laughing, talking, and dancing in honor of Nina’s birthday. Nina truly out did her self with this idea. This event was perfect in so many ways: It was healthy, it was filled with fun, and extremely challenging (for a beginner). I came geared up with my biking shorts, best sweat band, two bottles of water, and a towel only to fall short so many times. However, I when did forget to stand while riding, I still continued to spin my pedals. There was a moment I started re-evaluate my entire life. Lol! I was sweating profusely but it was all worth every drop. Although I had to leave due to another engagement I made it. I could not leave without asking my sister, “Am I fine yet?” That’s what is ladies really want to know after a good work out. I was happy to be in the number but I just wanted to know if next time I could be the historian instead. Lol!


The Birrhday girl!



Going nowhere fast! Ha!


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