Let Me Be Great…


April showers, brings May flowers. It’s graduation season and I have at least 4 to attend. I had to pull something together for each and all I know is I wanted to remain business casual in this hot weather. For this look you need a nice tank, a mid-skirt , and a pair of heels would do. I chose a light $3 favorite leopard print duster, a black tank from forever 21 for $1.98, My favorite pink pleated mid-skirt from Zara for $69, and a pair of Steve Madden nude pumps from Ross for only $29. I accessorized the look with silver accessories. I completed the look with a vintage Willis coach bag from at Brown Lucille Vintage (instagram page) . Even in this scorching hot weather I was cool and comfortable with the attire I chose. 


How many bloggers has had the infamous bra strap that will not let you be great? It just randomly appears as you have sat down to edit! Lol! 


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