Send Me Your location…


Cuban Artist: Michel Mirabal

Warehouse Art district

St. Petersburg, FL


As I plan to journey abroad, I am finding that each time I get nervous about a week before I depart. I guess it’s because I am chartering to a place of the unknown for me. I start to think too much. I guess I am just unsure of what to expect. I am usually thinking about what not to do while in a foreign territory. However, I am usually overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity.


Just to think I said this year I was not taking any trips. I was going to work on getting my real estate career and business coaching off the ground before I agreed to travel anywhere. Well Ellefriends, I close on a home 2 days after I return from my travels. Now look at God! It’s so funny how we set goals and the universe aligns to see them through. I always believed when you are in sync with Gods plans for your life it would get easier for you. At a time I was head strong I would not be going anywhere this year, my girls started a group chat that went something like this, “Ladies!” Everyone began calling roll, “present!” my girl Keisha starts conversing by saying, “So Cuba?” Lol! Ellefriends there went all my hopes, dreams, & goals of financial gains this year out the window! Lol!


Now here I am journeying again. I am getting my second chance to put another stamp in our book. Yes, I said “our book” because wherever I go, I take you all with me.


Funny story, I even made a pack with myself this time around. I plan to be a minimalist and travel with only a carry on. Lol! So I am waiting to see if I can truly smash that goal.


Everyone is talking about loosing weight for the trip and I am over here like Cuba better embrace these curves. Tf Cuba thought! Lol!


I have been through so much in my years. It amazes me how this once little chocolate girls dreams, goals, and aspirations continues to meet me where life sees fit!  I always promised myself I would live and not just settle for existing.


I remember watching the news once and JayZ was being ridiculed for entering Cuba when the Travel band was in order. Here I am getting that same opportunity. I am grateful to my President Obama for what I am sure will be full of unforgettable memories!


I solemnly swear to all my  Ellefriends to dress everyday like I am going to meet my ex!


I will without regret continue to be authentically me, no matter where I go or who I meet! I vow to check off every place I dream to go. I vow to partake in every adventure so that my mind & visions will continue to flow. I vow to visit restaurants on my to do list near and far. I vow to indulge in foods that I have saved from my Pinterest timelines. I vow to do what I choose as long as this world is mine! You see Elle Friends I made a vow to myself not to wake up everyday to pay bills and die, I vowed to myself to wake up everyday to live, love, & give life my best try!

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