Damn Gena….


True story, I watched Martin last night, right. It was the episode when Martin thought one of his friends stole his CD player. Remember Gina appeared suspect because she wore Martin’s shirt. It was something about it being over sized and tied up that sparked my creativity. It made me pull out my black button down too & tie it in a knot. Lol! I find inspiration in the weirdest ways.


Out catching these good vibes or breeze after a graduation dinner in my fun @shopdakotableu ruffled bell bottom pants.


My look was accented with silver accessories and a tribal clutch made by Rachel Roy. However, I actually purchased the clutch shown from Poshmark. It went perfect and gave my attire the upgraded that it needed.


Give me a reason to dress up and I’ll give you a reason to inquire where exactly am I going!

Let Me Be Great…


April showers, brings May flowers. It’s graduation season and I have at least 4 to attend. I had to pull something together for each and all I know is I wanted to remain business casual in this hot weather. For this look you need a nice tank, a mid-skirt , and a pair of heels would do. I chose a light $3 favorite leopard print duster, a black tank from forever 21 for $1.98, My favorite pink pleated mid-skirt from Zara for $69, and a pair of Steve Madden nude pumps from Ross for only $29. I accessorized the look with silver accessories. I completed the look with a vintage Willis coach bag from at Brown Lucille Vintage (instagram page) . Even in this scorching hot weather I was cool and comfortable with the attire I chose. 


How many bloggers has had the infamous bra strap that will not let you be great? It just randomly appears as you have sat down to edit! Lol! 


Spinned The day Celebrating Nina’s Birthday


Today, We did something extremely and completely out of the box for a birthday celebration. We literally spinned the night partying, laughing, talking, and dancing in honor of Nina’s birthday. Nina truly out did her self with this idea. This event was perfect in so many ways: It was healthy, it was filled with fun, and extremely challenging (for a beginner). I came geared up with my biking shorts, best sweat band, two bottles of water, and a towel only to fall short so many times. However, I when did forget to stand while riding, I still continued to spin my pedals. There was a moment I started re-evaluate my entire life. Lol! I was sweating profusely but it was all worth every drop. Although I had to leave due to another engagement I made it. I could not leave without asking my sister, “Am I fine yet?” That’s what is ladies really want to know after a good work out. I was happy to be in the number but I just wanted to know if next time I could be the historian instead. Lol!


The Birrhday girl!



Going nowhere fast! Ha!


I’m proud of you…


| Proud of you, you got this! || I’m proud of you. You Got This!! | We teach our children about success but we always seem to leave out the lesson about failure. They are more than equipped to succeed but have no idea how to overcome failure when it presents itself. Make a promise to yourself & I that teaching failure will be apart of all your lessons as well. The more familiar kids become with failure the easier it is to teach them how to bounce back from it. Failure has cultivated the biggest success stories. Failure is the wisest mans best teacher. Failure feeds hunger and teaches you how to go harder for anything with your name attached. Failure is not an omen. Failure is not the end. Perspective is everything and if so then failure is another opportunity to get it right. This post was learned by my greatest teacher named Failure. People just make it look easy. They often never tell you the journey just when they have arrived. Be patient with yourself. Your time is coming! Stay Strong! Chin up butter cup trouble do not last always if you remain consistent. Love, Elle 💝The buttercream vanilla minicake, bluebell ice cream & balloon are all courtesy of Publix. Take a moment rebuild and bounce back. You do not have time to stay in the moment of failure too long. It’s normal to be disappointed. It’s normal to feel like a disappointment. It’s courageous to keep going! I have a hand book on failure. Podcast coming soon!

DIY: If the shoes don’t fit.

For this task you will need 3 items:


1. You need the suspect (your shoe). They’re the real killers
2. A pair of thick socks.


3. And a good blow Dryer


You ever brought the perfect pair of heels and realize the fit is uncomfortable? Well I intentionally brought a shoe a half size to small with intentions on having them stretched by a shoe cobbler. I went to the shoe cobbler and dropped my heels off for 3 days. Only to realize 3 days lady the fit was still the same. There was no giving up on my beautiful pair of gold metallic heels. I remember long ago I purchased a pair of shoes from Aldo. They were the right size but they too were a tight fit for my feet. The fit was so tight I returned them back to the store the very next day. The employee gave me a tip for the future. In the most flamboyant voice possible.
“Girl, first….. 1. get a pair of thick socks.

2. Wet the foot of the socks with alcohol.

3. Put the socks on and slip your foot into the shoe.

4. Get a blow Dryer. hold above the shoe. as close to your feet as you can stand it. Hover the blow dryer over the areas that are the tightest fit in the shoes for about 30 mins. Make sure to use the back and forth motion.

5. Then get up and walk around in the shoes for about 10 mins or longer.

Take the shoes off. Take the socks off. Then try the shoes on without the socks. 
If the fit is still tight repeat steps 4 & 5 again!”



A cup of happiness anyone?


I believe that word of mouth marketing is the best marketing any business can get. I saw on @naturallyyours_ Instagram page (a local braid stylist) this amazing looking cup of yumminess which prompted me to scroll back up to the top of the picture to ask myself, “what is that? and where can I get it? So I immediately went into investigation mode. However, I didn’t have to dig far at all. @Naturallyyours_ blessed me with the location and her caption read, “strawberry crema with boba.” I thanked God for Jesus on this day and for Naga Tea!
NagaTea is a quaint tea house owned by two USF students Carl Yen and Yi-hsiang Liao, two young men that decided to go for it in October of 2014. The pair thought Tampa was missing out on this hidden authentic gem called bubble tea, pearl tea, or even just milk tea. So the pair got together to make the magic happen after graduation and the rest is history.
Anyone that has ever tried bubble tea, I’m sure is so grateful this concept became a reality and they decided to try their hand at a tea house. Naga Tea can be found snuggled way in the temple terrace plaza at 10950 n 56th st. Temple Terrace, FL 33617. Naga Tea brews up fresh teas, fruit teas, milk teas, & herbal teas twelve hours a day ( hours are 11am-11pm). The tea house prides itself on having the most authentic tea in Tampa by having all their products imported directly from Taiwan. Naga Tea makes sure it uses all real natural fruit and no artificial sugars. Lord knows I thank him for Jesus and these two thirsty souls that created Naga Tea.
So, yesterday I set out for a cup of happiness. Man, I was in for a treat at Naga Tea. The teahouse has a little hip & fun ambiance as you will see in the video below. The teahouse had just enough awesomeness to remind me of New York City, Los Angeles, or somewhere in between. I know it had to be amazing enough that I started to research its origin of bubble tea, health facts, and what the heck were these chewy candies towards the bottom of my cup of awesomeness. I researched boba to make sure it was something I could chew on or if it were only for decoration purposes. How many of you did that on your first try, write me back and do tell! Lol! I learned that milk tea originated from the Taiwanese and its only semi near as healthy if you opt of of the white granule sugar. Thankfully there is an option to have 0%, 25%, 75% or 100% sugar included at Naga Tea. Now,since this was my first rodeo and I opted in for 50% sugar. The little balls about the size of blueberries are called pearls, boba balls, or even tapioca balls. Each bite into a pearl is a chewy jelly candy like experience. The pearls can give you a burst of energy and this I know first hand. The tea usually comes with a large enough straw which makes it possible to sip the tapioca balls through the straw. Boy, do those tapioca balls start shooting through at any sign of a sip. The balls are an acquired taste or texture that my taste buds were not used to at first. So, it took a few sips to get used to it. My oh my was it worth it. This tea house is on its way to becoming the next craze in Tampa and I can not wait to get back to try other flavors!